Hello, I’m Dmitry.

Application developer, coffee addict, runner & traveler.


Download my resume. Senior Software Engineer. Born August 26, 1985. MS in CS. Living in New York City, USA.

Summary of Qualifications

  • 10+ years of expertise in software engineering including web, enterprise, and mobile application development
  • 7+ years consulting in the financial sector
  • Trained & mentored distributed offshore teams as onsite team lead
  • Created & launched several mobile apps for iPhone for several clients

Previous Clients as a Essextec Consultant

  • The Intercontinental Exchange, New York, USA
  • New York Stock Exchange (NYSE Euronext), New York, USA
  • Gemini Systems LLC, New York, USA
  • Gemini Systems RU, Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Scoros LLC, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  • Eluma Inc, Boston, USA
  • Ectaco, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Education & Publications

Saint-Petersburg State Technical University, Russia, 2009 – 2011

Unfinished PhD in Computer Science; published works include

  • Dmitry Sadakov, S.E Saragdishvili. “Ranking Methods for shared file resources for information retrieval systems based in distributed environments”, SPbSTU Press, 2010;
  • Dmitry Sadakov, S.E Saragdishvili. “Recommender system for massively decentralized file sharing networks”, SPbSTU Press, 2010;
  • Dmitry Sadakov. “Automation of classification in large collections of documents”, SPbSTU Press 2009;
  • Dmitry Sadakov. “Synchronization of information retrieval databases in local area network peer-to-peer networks sharing based on Microsoft Sync framework”, Microsoft Technologies in SPbSTU Press, 2009;
  • Dmitry Sadakov. “Formal verification techniques for multithreaded applications such as Microsoft Chess”, Microsoft Technologies Press at SPbSTU, 2009;
  • Dmitry Sadakov. “Information retrieval in shared resources in LANs”, Microsoft Technologies at SPbSTU Press, 2009;
  • Dmitry Sadakov, “Mesh-networking distributed traffic control with ZigBee”, SPbSTU Press 2009;

Saint-Petersburg State Technical University, Russia, 2002 – 2008

  • Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the Faculty of Cybernetics;
  • Master Thesis “Information retrieval system for massive peer-to-peer file sharing in local area networks”, Dmitry Sadakov, 2007;

Knowledge & Skills

  • Languages: C# 1.1-5.0, PHP, Javascript, Java, SQL, Objective-C, VB.Net; XML, XSLT, HTML, CSS, VBA, ActionScript;
  • Frameworks & APIs: Microsoft ASP.Net, ASP.Net MVC, WPF, Silverlight, WCF, Ajax Library, Entity Framework, ADO.Net, Unit Test framework, Remoting; JQuery, Bootstrap, AngularJS; Apple iPhone UIKit, Google Android SDK, JQuery Mobile, PhoneGap; Telerik RadControls, Telerik Sitefinity, DotNetNuke; NUnit, NMock, moq, NHibernate, Twitter API, Songkick API, Flicker API, LightSpeed POS, nopCommerce.
  • Development Environment: Microsoft Visual Studio 2005-2012, Apple XCode, IntelliJ Idea, IntelliJ PHPStorm, Oracle SQL Developer, Eclipse, NetBeans, Visual Studio, IBM Worklight, IBM RAD;
  • Web: Microsoft IIS, Apache HTTP, Jetty, IBM WebSphere;
  • Testing Tools: SmartBear SoapUI, Selenium, JMeter;
  • Analysis Tools: JetBrains dotTrace, dotCover, Resharper, Reflector;
  • CI: Atlassian Bamboo, CruiseControl.Net;
  • VCS: Subversion, Git, ClearCase;
  • Project Management/bugtracking: Atlassian Jira, Trac, Redmine, ClearQuest;
  • Methodologies: Agile, Test Driven Development, Extreme programming
  • OS: Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8, Ubuntu, Mac OS 10, Mac OS Server, iOS, Android, Windows Phone
  • Databases: MS SQL Server 2005/2008, Oracle SQL, Microsoft Access, MySQL, Lucene.Net, MemCache, Redis, RabbitMQ, MongoDB
  • Cloud: Google AppEngine, Microsoft Azure, Amazon EC2, Heroku
  • UI/UX: Adobe Photoshop CS4, Adobe InDesign CS4, Adobe AfterEffects CS4, MS Expression Blend 3
2002-2008 Saint-Petersburg State Technical University, Master Degree in Computer Science
2008-2010 Saint-Petersburg State Technical University, PhD in Computer Science
06/2007-03/2007 Lan-Crawler LAN indexer and search engine
06/2006-08-2007 Scoros International, Inc Social network engineer
08/2007 Gemini Systems Russia .Net developer & consultant
09/2007-04/2008 NYXData Market Data eCommerce, New York Stock Exchange
04/2008-03/2009Voronezh City eGovernment Portal
09/2009-1/2010 VTB, FBConsult, CRM Engineer, Moscow
02/2010Built JS Flurry RSS Reader iPhone app
03/2010Launched 10,001 HDR WallPapers iPhone app
03/2010 - 06/2010Launched NashiDengi Financial magazine
07/2010 - 10/2010 Launched ProStaff Swaroswky Optic
07/2010 Seeking Serenity CTO, eCommerce & merchant
07/2010 Gemini Systems New York Senior Consultant
05/2012 Gemini Systems Mobile Visionary
08/2010 New York Stock Exchange Senior Consultant
11/2013 Intercontinental Exchange Senior Consultant
12/2012Launched NetworkNotifier
04/2014Launched VToure Geo-Concerts for vk.com
10/2015Aerial Screensaver open-source
07/2010 Essextec, New York Senior Consultant


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